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The Best Just Keeps Getting Better

Off Shore Tackle is the “leader in trolling technology”! The American made products Off Shore brings to market are fisherman favorites and widely considered the best money can buy.

More than two decades ago the OR12 Side-Planer was introduced and quickly became the in-line planer board all others are compared to. Avid anglers depend on the OR12 to troll up walleye, pike, musky, trout, salmon, crappie, striper and just about everything else with fins!

The Side-Planer was the first injection molded and ballasted planer board on the market to feature high quality and functional line releases. Built in America to function and to last, the Side-Planer has exceeded the expectations of trollers everywhere.

Prior to the introduction of the Side-Planer, other in-line planer boards were made out of hollow hard plastic or compressed foam. Both board designs were fragile, the tow arms broke easily and the line releases used damaged the fishing line. On top of these shortcomings, these early in-line boards didn’t plane out to the side all that well! What good is a planer board that doesn’t plane?

The introduction of the OR12 Side-Planer was a game changer and has quickly become the “board of choice” among serious trollers everywhere. The spirit of innovation that made the OR12 possible is thriving at Off Shore Tackle.

New for 2017 all OR12 Side-Planers will be equipped with a improved flag that features an extended tab on the flag stem. This new tab design allows the flag to provide four more tension settings to the popular Tattle Flag System ™. The new flags are also sold after market for anglers who wish to update any previous generation OR12 Side-Planer to include the Tattle Flag System ™.

Tattle Flags ™ will enjoy another subtle but important innovation for 2017. Instead of the wire linkage arm attaching near the top/rear corner of the board, a hole has been pre-drilled in the black plastic tab that holds the foam in place. The screw eye for the Tattle Flag ™ linkage arm mounts in this hole, lowering the linkage arm and OR16 Snap Weight Clip about two inches. This configuration works to keep the nose of the board down, and planing perfectly. Anglers who troll with deep diving crankbaits and sinking line systems will immediately see how this Tattle Flag™ rigging innovation allows the best planing board in the business to plane even better!!

In addition, the ballast chamber on the OR12 has been redesigned to allow anglers to remove a set screw and move the ballast weight. The ballast weight comes factory set for average trolling conditions. Anglers who pull long lengths of sinking lines like lead core or copper line or musky sized crankbaits now have the option of removing the set screw and sliding the ballast weight forward, increasing the planing ability of the OR12 when towing extra heavy gear.

America’s best in-line planer board just got better. Sold at fine retailers everywhere, Off Shore Tackle products are also available on line at


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